Top tips for Best Practice Businesses

Our Top Tips for your Best Bookkeeping.

According to The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the following list will give you the best opportunity to achieve efficiency and accuracy with your books:

  • Automate your sales using technology
  • Capture your expenses and supplier invoices using smart programs
  • Interact with your bank from within your Business Software (upgrade if necessary)
  • Lodge everything with the ATO using your business software, its so much quicker and reliable than hard copy.
  • Use professional Certified Bookkeepers: For some businesses this is a permanent and regular part of the business process; for some this is the engagement of the bookkeeper periodically to review, verify and provide certainty that the business systems are working.
  • Ensure your bookkeeper is connected to organisations to keep them up-to-date and informed. Bookkeeping does keep moving and changing so they should be connected to an ongoing education and development strategy.
  • Embrace using business software to do your bookkeeping, but a few specifics
    • ensure the software actually suits your business
    • ensure the software has remote access so that advisers can just login from anywhere to assist
  • You, your bookkeeper, your accountant should all be ensuring things are only done once and done smartly (We still see cases where the accountant totally ignores perfectly prepared sets of books in software and they go back and do it again)

Keeping all of those brilliant tips in mind, the Smarter Bookkeeping team are the best and last bookkeepers you will ever need, as we implement modern technology and utilise age-old tricks that we have learnt along the way to guarantee you the best outcome for your accounts.  We have extensive experience in Myob, Xero and Quickbooks, as well as being certified consultants with those software providers.

If you ever need assistance getting your books off the paper and onto the screen, we are the only company you need to think of!